Mastering-grade, accurate control room and live room, acoustically designed by Studio Creations and Chris Walls. 

Recording Console:  SSL AWS 948, Vintage Neve Kelso (Sidecar). 

Monitors:  Soffit-mounted ATC SCM 100A’s, Yamaha NS 10’s, Avantone Mix Cube Speakers. 

Outboard:  Neve 33609 Comp, Thermionic Culture ; Phoenix Master Comp, Roland Dimension D, Neve 1081 Stereo, Eventide H8000, SSL Fusion, Bricasti M7 Reverb, Retro Instruments 176 Limiting Amplifier, Empirical Labs Distressor comp, Roland SRE 555 Chorus /Echo , Roland TR8 Rhythm Composer, Thermionic Culture , Culture Vulture, Universal Audio 6176, SSL Logic G series Master Comp, Avalon VT 737sp tube channel strip, Ashley PQX 571 7 band EQ, Korg DRV 3000, Eventide Harmonizer H949, Yamaha Digital Rev 7, TC Electronic M1, Lexicon PCM 60 Reverb, Yamaha SPX 2000, TC 2290 Delay, Drawmer Dual Gate DS 201, DBX 160 X, Drawmer Dual Compressor DL 221, Drawmer 1961 Tube eq, XTA Sidd, Midas XL 42,SPL Stereo Vitalizer.

Large range of microphones including:  Neumann U67, U87, Fet 47, Rode Classic, Earthworks TC 30.

Amps:  Marshall 1962 reissue Bluesbreaker combo, Marshall JCM 50/25 Model 2550 Head, Vintage 60’s Vox AC30 combo, Vintage 60’s Selmer Treble/Bass Head, Fender Blues Junior Amp combo, Ampeg Portaflex PF-50T (Bass), Trace Elliot Acoustic Amp.

Drums:  Arbiter Studio Drum Kit. 

Acoustic Guitars:  1991 Martin D28 6-string acoustic, Martin DM 12-string Acoustic,  

Electric Guitars:  1965 Vintage Gibson 330, 1965 Vintage Gretch Chet Atkins, 1965 Vintage Fender Jaguar, Then large range of 90’s guitars, Rickenbacker 6 + 12 strings, Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster. Gibson Black Beauty Les Paul.

Lots of guitar effects pedals, vintage and new. 

Bass Guitars:  80’s Fender Precision, 90’s Fender Jazzmaster, Epiphone Jack Cassidy, Music Man sting-ray. 

Synths: Vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Korg Minilogue, Vintage Roland SH 101, Moog DFAM Modular Synth, Roland JU 06, Moog Minimoog Voyager, Vintage Roland Juno 60, Roland JP 8000.

Piano: Yamaha U3.

Computer:Mac Pro Running Logic Pro X / Pro Tools with large amount of UA, Waves and Slate Plug-Ins.